Dashed Dreams?


I completed the manuscript circa 1995. I was in Nigeria at the time, and I would go to my cousins' places of work to type. A big shout out to Auntie Timpo and Uncle Jef Fayomi of Commint, and Auntie Moji Olateru-Olagbegi of Divacess.

The manuscript was printed, bound and sent to my sister, Mope in London. I wanted her to find me a publisher. She sent it to a few but they all rejected it. To be honest, I was not expecting to get published. I wished it, but I didn't think it was good enough. All through the time I was writing, I was scared of showing it to anyone, so I kept it to myself.

Over the next few years, I tried to improve the manuscript and saved it on a computer that's no longer accessible, and on a floppy disk which I still have but cannot use. Life got busy, and Lola and Tosan faded away. One day, I think in 2019, I was going through my stuff and saw the original handwritten manuscript. I couldn't believe no one got to know them. I consciously said goodbye to them, and that was it.


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