Jadesola the Author?


So...Lola and Tosan are characters I created many, many years ago!

I started writing their story in the autumn of 1992 in London, England. I didn't set out to be a writer; I didn't have a burning desire to tell a story, neither did I have a message that had to be shared. I always tell myself that I did not choose them. They chose me.

Living in London, just going about my day and minding my own business on a cold autumn night, I wore a knee-length skirt with no tights on. I stepped out of the flat I shared with my family and was heading to the bus stop when I felt the rush of the cool breeze on my bare legs. I said to myself, "She felt the rush of the cool breeze on her bare legs." I stopped and thought, "That sounds good...it can be an opening statement of a story." I couldn't shake it off, so I tried to figure out a storyline that would fit the opening statement and built characters as I went along. Thee writing journey began! I didn't know the direction the story would go, but it felt like I knew them and had to get their story out there for everyone to read. It took me three years to complete the manuscript.


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